• Web Hosting Beginner Guide

    Wonder how things work behind the screen? Click thru these slides to get some quick ideas.

  • Difference Between Web Host And Domain Name

    A web host is where we store and manage our websites (html files, graphics, etc). It’s like a house, built of super computer that we normally call ‘server’; a domain name, on the other hand, is the unique address of that ‘house’.

  • Web Hosting Categories: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, And Cloud Hosting

    Generally speaking, there are four different types of web hosting, namely Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud Hosting. As each type of hosting serves a different purpose, we will look a little closer and understand them.

  • Shared Web Hosting Guide

    Shared Hosting: One server, multiple hosting accounts. All users share resources (hard disk space, RAM, network bandwidth, etc etc) from the same server.

  • VPS Web Hosting Guide

    One server divided into multiple units. Each unit acts as a virtual dedicated server; each virtual dedicated server is occupied by one user only.

  • Cloud Web Hosting Guide

    Cloud Hosting: Multiple users supported by a multiple networked servers. With proper software configuration and load balancing, server resources are distributed to the websites base on real-time demand.

  • Dedicated Web Hosting Guide

    Dedicated Hosting: The entire server is used by one user only; best for websites that need greatest server performance and maximum control.